Saneeswara Temple Mandapalli

Saneeswara Temple is an small shrine situated at Mandapalli, about 28 km from Rajahmundry, in East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh. The temple enshrines Saneeswara, Bhrameswara and Nageswara in the form of black stone Shivlingas. Hundreds of pilgrims visit this temple every year.Rajahmundry Railway Station is the nearest major railhead.

This Temple Also known as Sri Mandeswara Swami Temple and Someswara Temple, it is said that Saturn himself consecrated the linga representing Lord Shiva here. Other deities here are Bhrameswara and Nageswara enshrined in black stone Shivlingas. There is a shrine to Saturn - Saneeswara. This is a small temple attracting a large number of pilgrims.    

Legend: A great sage Dhadichi gave a great sacrifice by donating his spinal cord for Lord Indra`s `Vajra` to relieve the people from the tyranny of the demon Kartabha. However, the sons of the demon Aswartha and Pippala vowed revenge and created havoc in Mandapalli. Sage Agastya approached Lord Shaneeswar or Saturn with the request for help but Shani stated that till the prayers and penance was completed, he would not have strength to fight and get rid of the demons. He relented when sages agreed to give their `Tapasshakti` (power of penance) to him. He fought and killed the demons and relieved the people of their tyranny. Saturn installed a `Shiva Linga` known as `Someswara` or `Mandeshwara` to mark his victory, around which the Saneeshwara temple is built.

Another legend is sage 'Dhadchi' made a supreme sacrifice in donating his valuable spinal cord for the most powerful weapon known as the "Vajurayudha" of Lord Indra, which was employed by him to kill countless ghostly demons. Saneeshwara TempleThe sons of demon in retaliation to the death of their father 'Kartabha' called 'Aswartha' and 'Pippala' invaded the places of Mandapalli and brought untold miseries to the people living in there. Looking at the miseries of people, all the sages lead by sage Agastya approached Saturn, the son of God Surya who was doing penance to rescue them from ruination in the hands of these two demon brothers.

Saturn refused to take up the job of killing the demons until the completion of his prayers to gain enough strength for the destruction, but yielded when the sages who approached him gave their 'Tapasshakti' to accomplish the task 'Shani'. He made up his mind and killed Aswartha and Pippala relieving the sages and other people from the tyranny of the demons engulfed from a long time.

People jubilant over the annihilation of these demons praised Saturn in many words and sage Agastya and others showered on him many boons. As a mark of his
glorious victory over the demons Saturn installed a "Shiva Linga" which is known as "Sameswara" or "Mandeshwara".

Temple Timings

Sunday to Friday

5:00 AM to 12:00 PM - Abhishekams, Darshan & Other Sevas

4:00 PM to 8:00 PM - Only Darshan


3:30 AM to 1:00 PM - Abhishekams, Darshan & Other Sevas

4:00 PM to 8:00 PM - Only Darshan

Sanithrayodasi Festival

Saturday Morning 1:00 AM to 8:00 PM - Abhishekams, Darshan & Other Sevas

Sri Mandeswara Swamy Temple  Postal Address

Executive Officer,
Sri Mandeswara Swamy Temple,
Mandapalli (V),
Kothapeta Mandal,
East Godavari District.
Pin - 533 223
Phone No: 08855-243208
Cell No: 9491000721\

Sri Mandeswara Swamy Temple Festivals

Kalyanam of Sri Swamivaru (Magha Bahula Ekhadasi) (February/March every year)

Devi Navaratrulu (Aswayuja Masam Nine days) (September/October every year)

Karthika Masam (November/December every year)

Lakshapatri Puja (Karthika Masam) (November/December every year)

Sani Trayodasi Festival

Sir Mandeswara (saneswara) swamy temple, Mandapalli in East Godavari District is famous Siva Temple in Andhra Pradesh. Attracting good number of devoties from all over the country . Sri Swamy varu, was installed by sani(Saturn). Lord Sani atoned the sin of Brahmahatya by installing and adoring Lord Siva . For this reason , Lord Eswara is popularly known as Saneswara or Mandeswara . Abhishekam with Gingelli oil is an unique retualin in the temple. Lord sani declared that whomever worship Sri Mandeswara Swamy with gingelli oil are would be blessed and get free from all Graha Dosams. Hence all devotes can visit Mandapalli to perform abishekhams To swamy varu and get his blessings . Those who are unable to visit Mandapalli may send the required fees by M.O. Or D.D. To the Executive Officer, Sri Mandeswara (Saniswara) Swamy Temple, Mandapalli – 533 233 E.G.Dt. for performing abishekam in their name and gothram . After Performing Abishekam we send Sri Ammavari Kumkum as prasasam by Post. Furnishing full details and address is the most important item.
Kalyanam of Sri Swamivaru (Magha Bahula Ekhadasi) (February/March every year)

Devi Navaratrulu (Aswayuja Masam Nine days) (September/October every year)

Karthika Masam (November/December every year)

Lakshapatri Puja (Karthika Masam) (November/December every year)

Accommodation in Sri Mandeswara Swamy Temple, Mandapalli

Accommodation is available in the temple dormitory.

Bathing facilities are available in the temple premises

Location: Mandapalli near Rajamundry, East Godavari. Deities: Saneeswara

How to Get There Rail : It is about 38-km from Rajamunday Railway Station. Road : Bus facilities are available from Rajamunday. Taxis are also available from here.

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