Basavaraja Durga Island

The Island of Basavaraja Durga is about a km from main land off Honnavar. You can reach the island through boats and small coasters. The landing place is at the south end where there is a ruined fort with eight mounted guns. The fort was built by Great Shivappa Naik of Bednur (1648-1670). The island is mostly level and has plenty of fresh water.
It is situated about 3 kms from Honnavar. The island is famous for its historical Island fort, built during the regime of Shivappa Nayaka, king of Keladi dynasty. Honnavar, 90 kms from Karwar, has a laterite fort of Portuguese times. .


The first ever historical reference about the Honavar town appears in the works of the Greek author Periplus (AD 247) and it was called Naour.[citation needed] It was mentioned as the first port of Limurike in Tamil country. In the 10th century text Jain Ramayana, the town is mentioned as Hanuruha Island. References about the town are also available in the works of Abu al-Fida (A.D.1273-1331), an Arab Geographer as well as that of Ibn Batuta who described it as the city of Hinaur.
Honavar or Onore, was a notable seaport of British India, in the North Kanara district of Bombay. It is mentioned as a place of trade as early as the 16th century, and is associated with two interesting incidents in Anglo-Indian history. In 1670, the English factors here had a bull-dog which killed a sacred bull. An enraged mob killed 18 people in retaliation. In 1784 it was defended for three months by Captain Torriano and a detachment of sepoys against the army of Tippu Sultan.
Honnavar has also a history of having the name "Honnupura" which might have been a major market and export hub for gold and related things.
Honavar, once was under the ruling of queen Chennabhairadevi of Gerusoppa range, who believed to be defeated British.

Location info:

Address:The Island of Basavaraja Durga is about a km from main land off Honnavar. Honnavar, 90 kms from Karwar
District: North Kannada
Nearest City:Honnavar
Best time to visit: October To May

How to reach?

Nearest Railway Station:Honavar has a railway station on Konkan Railway. Honavar Railway Station is located in Karki, about 5 km from the centre of the town. Konkan railway's longest bridge is located in Honavar 2.065 km. (on Sharavati River) and also consists of a 1.75km tunnel.
Nearest Airport:Nearest airport is Mangalore International Airport. and Panjim International Airport ( Goa )
Road Transport:There are two National Highways that pass through Honnavar:
* NH-17 (Panvel - Edapally): Mumbai, Panjim, Mangalore and Ernakulam can be reached by this road
* NH-206 (Tumakuru - Honnavar): Bengaluru, Shivamogga and Tumakuru can be reached by this road. 

Nearest Visiting places:

Honnavar has a laterite fort of Portuguese times. A sail upstream on river Sharavathi to Geresoppa 30 kms away, with coconut groves and lush greenery covering the banks, is a voyage to remember.
Geresoppa, the old capital of the Peter Queen Chanabhairavi has a beautiful 14th century Chaturmukha Basti.
Near Honnavar
St. Xavier Church, Chandavar
Apsara Konda
Basavaraj Durga Island
Karikannamma Temple
Gerusoppa Valley
Basavaraja Durga (7 Kms from Honnavar) Kasarakod (5 Kms) Idagunji (18 Kms)
Connectivity: Nearest bus stop- Kalaginor. (2kms from Honnavar – Bhatkal NH 17).
16 Kms from Bhatkal to the north on Honnavar-Bhatkal NH 17. The famous Mahtobara Temple can today boast of the tallest Shiva statue in the world. The statue has special reflecting eyes, which makes statue alive. The temple on the beach itself attracts a large number of tourists because of the sea shore ambience
Nearby places to visit: Netrani Island. 18 Kms from Bhatkal south of Murdeswar.
Connectivity: 16 Kms from Bhatkal on NH
Apsara Konda, Honnavar.
8 Kms from Honnavar, near the confluence of the Sharavathi river and the Sea, there a small water fall and a pool on a hillock, called Apsara Konda. Legend says that the Apsaras (Heavenly fairies) used to come here to bathe and relax. The place truly exudes heavenly beauty. There is Devi temple and a branch of Ramachandra mutt. There are several big caves on the hillock called ‘Pandavas caves’.With a view of the river, the sea, lthe islands, l;the lush green fields and coconut groves, the Apsarkonda hillock verily offers a feast to the eyes that see.
15 Kms from Honnavar and around 23 kms from Murdeswar is the ancient Idagunji Ganapati Temple. One has to take a detour from National Highway and travel around 7 kms interior to reach this beautiful temple. The temple is said to be around 800 years old, one of the oldest temples in Uttar Kannada district.
Karikannamma Temple
12 Kms from Honnavar is the Karikannamma Hill. Atop the hill which is a piece of natural beauty and offers panoramic view of the surroundings, is the temple of the deity. This deity is worshipped as different goddess by different people as Durge, Saraswati and Bhairavi. Sunset view on the Arabian sea is a enthralling sight.
Higund Island
Higund is a beautiful island in River Sharavati just before it joins the Arabian Sea. 3 kms from Honnavar – Bangalore National Highway brings you along this island. Presently the approach is from either Adkar village or Kodani village through country boat. The sunset view from this island is a lifetime experience.
Gerusoppa Valley / Reservoir
Newly constructed Gerusoppa dam has created a unique reservoir in gerusoppa valley. The breath taking view of the valley can be had from atop a observation tower constructed by Forest dept, about 10 kms from Gerusoppa towards Jogfalls. Boat cruise in the reservoir through the valley is on the anvil.

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