Pabaneswara Temple Orissa

Pabanesvara Siva temple is situated at a distance of 100.00 metres east of Parasuramesvara temple on the left side of the road leading to Kedara-Gouri temples. The temple has a vimana with a renovated porch, facing towards east. The presiding deity is a Sivalingam within a circular yonipitha inside the sanctum. It is a living temple. The temple is surrounded by private residential buildings and market complex on three sides and the road on the south. The temple was rebuilt or renovated sometimes back as it appears from the second phase of building from above the pabhaga.

Decorative Features

Door Jambs: The door jambs are decorated with a single vertical band of scroll work. At the lalatabimba there is a Gajalaxmi seated in lalitasana on a full blown lotus. At the base of the right doorjamb there is a dvarapala nich crowned by a stylized chaitya motif. The niche accommodates a saivite dvarapala that holds a trident. The left jamb is a piece of renovated stone which is plain. Beneath the chandrasila there are bharabahakas. Above the door there is a graha architrave carved with the traditional navagrahas seated in padmasana. Ketu is with a serpent tail and upraised hands.