Vrindavan Pilgrimage

Vrindavan the birthplace of Lord Krishna is referred as 'Lila Bhumi', or the place where he revealed himself. It is here that Lord Krishna used to indulge in Raslila, the dance with Gopis, or milkmaids Govind Dev Temple is the most impressive building in Vrindavan and architecturally one of the most advanced Hindu temples in northern India. This temple was built in 1590 by Raja Man Singh of Amber in honour of the Divine Cowherd ( Krishna) but Aurangzeb lopped of the top four floors during one of his demolition sprees. Another important temple situated here is the Rangaji Temple whose architecture is a mixture of Rajput, South Indian and Italian style. Other temples in Vrindavan are the Krishna Balaram Temple, the Radha Ballabh Temple and the Madan Mohan Temple.

Attractions in the city

The Pagal Baba Temple : This temple was built by Pagal Baba and has eleven stories in all. It is considered to be one of the more modern pieces of architecture. The temple's creator, Pagal Baba, died only a few years ago but his infectious spirit lingers on in the playfulness of his disciples who are ready to welcome the devotees into the temple interior.

Bankey Bihari Temple : The Bankey Bihari temple houses a sacred image of Krishna known as Thakkur Ji, which shows Krishna with an almost blackened body. This one of the most important and vibrant temples in the city where one can expect to see devotees engaged in simple acts of worship such as ecstatically clashing small cymbals together as they move in time to ancient rhythms.

Rangaji Temple : This temple dates to 1851 and is a mixture of architectural styles, comprising of a Rajput entrance gate, a soaring south Indian Gopuram (gateway tower), and an Italianate colonnade.

Iskcon Temple : This is one of the most splendid and most impressive temples in Vrindavan which was built with funds from devotees Vrindavan Tour Guide Indiaoverseas. The temple structure in itself is outstanding where the marble buildings almost radiate light and exhibit intricate carvings.

How to reach

By Air : The nearest airport is Agra around 67 km away from Vrindavan. There are regular flights to other important tourist destinations of India such as Delhi, Mumbai, Varanasi , and Khajuraho. The nearest international airport is Delhi, which is connected to almost every important city in the world with major airlines.

By Rail : Though Vrindavan itself is a railway station, the major railway station nearby is Mathura on the Delhi-Chennai and Delhi-Mumbai main line. Several express trains connect Mathura from other major cities of India like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Calcutta , and Agra. Three local trains leave Mathura Junction each day ( 6.30 am, 3.40 pm & 7.40 pm) for the station in the south of Vrindavan.

By Road : Vrindavan is connected to Mathura and all other places of interest in Braj by bus services and is on direct road link from Delhi and Agra. Getting to Vrindavan from Mathura is very easy as there are frequent buses, shared tempos, and taxis available throughout the day.

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