Pushkar Pilgrimage

The small town of Pushkar has its very own unique appeal that is unmatched by any other metropolis of Rajasthan India. Pushkar is really a best town and journey vacation spot nestled into the side with the Snake Mountains and lining Lake Pushkar. Whitewashed buildings, patterned at minarets line the lake shore, pilgrims around the ghats doing puja all seems to get arrive straight from your fairy tales. Main journey attraction of Pushkar is the Annual Camel Fair which falls within the month October-November. 1000's of Indian and foreign tourist travel to Pushkar to witness the Pushkar honest which reflects the rich cultural heritage of Rajasthan India. Thousands and thousands of pilgrims journey to Pushkar every year to worship in the only Lord Brahma Temple within the world.

Tourist Attractions
The Pushkar Lake : It's revered as one essentially the most sacred lakes amongst the Hindus. The belief is that; a dip with this lake on Kartik Purnima (the complete moon day with the Kartik month), and worship at the Brahma temple cleanses the soul and ensures salvation. The famed waters from the Pushkar Lake are mentioned to clean away the sins of the lifetime. The mystical drinking water can also be believed to remedy pores and skin diseases. There are several temples located around the lake that add to the allure and mystique of this sacred town. Journey to Pushkar India to witness the sacred Pushkar lake of Hindus.

Bramha Temple : One of the most renowned temple in Pushkar, this really is the one temple devoted to Lord Brahma (the creator of the universe based on Hindu mythology) within the whole country.

Savitri Temple : The temple in Puskar is dedicated to Savitri, the spouse of Lord Brahma and located about the top of the Ratnagiri Hill. Based on the legends when Lord Brahma carried out a Yagna (holy fire dedicated to gods) together with Gayatri, a nearby milkmaid, furious Savitri cursed her husband that he would in no way be worshipped anywhere except in Pushkar and that as well only as soon as a year. Savitri left for the Ratnagiri Hill following cursing her husband and immolated herself there. There's beautiful statue of Goddess Savitri inside the temple.

Pushkar Fair : Pushkar Fair is organized during the winter period and is also the best time for you to travel Pushkar. Every year during Hindu month of Kartik Purnima the city of Pushkar comes alive with all the Pushkar fair festival. During the festival, the quiet small town of Pushkar gets to be vibrant with music and colour all around. Journey Pushkar in Rajasthan to have an perception of your wealthy and vibrant tradition of Rajasthan India.

Camel and Horse Safari : Camel and Horse rides are some adventure activities one can get participate in, at Puskar. The rides are provided by local population.

Pushkar Mela

he Pushkar Fair is held in the month of Kartik on the full moon day in Pushkar, a small sleepy town in the Ajmer district of Rajasthan. Pushkar has been known as the centre of Brahma worship since 1250 AD. Pushkar is home to one of the only two temples dedicated to Brahma, the other being at Khedbrahma in Kerala. It is one of the innumerable temples skirting the large Pushkar Lake. This lake, with 52 ghats, is the focal point for the confluence of a mass of people from all parts of the country. The fair itself centres around the event of taking a dip in the Pushkar Lake on the full moon night. Due to its association with Brahma, Pushkar is considered to be the tirtharaja, the king of all pilgrimage sites. It is believed that the Pushkar Lake was blessed by Brahma and anyone who takes a dip in the lake would go to heaven. According to the Puranas, a pilgrimage to Pushkar destroys all evil and gives the dead access to the three worlds. One who has bathed at the lake there and worshipped Brahma achieves salvation. For this reason, thousands of people gather here for this great annual pilgrimage. Ancestor worship is also an important aspect of this pilgrimage. Oblations to Agni, heaven, earth and Yama are also offered. The nearby temple of Savitri also attracts many married women, especially from Bengal, who worship the goddess and seek the boon of eternal company with their spouse. Pushkar is also the site for the biggest cattle fair in India. Scholars suggest that the cattle fair was an extension of the religious event of taking a dip in the lake.

How to reach

By Air: Jaipur- the funds of Rajasthan, is the nearest Airport lying 131 km absent.

By Rail: The nearest railway station to Pushkar is Ajmer which is eleven km absent. Ajmer is well connected towards the rest of North Indian states.

By Road: Pushkar can be achieved via the dense street services network.

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