Lakshmi Narayan Temple Rajasthan

The Laxmi Narayan Temple is located in the southern part of Jaipur and was built by the Birla family (a major industrialist family of India). Situated below the Moti Doongri fort the Laxmi Narayan Temple symbolizes the secular spirit of the country with its three domes that represent three different faiths. With its beautiful white marble façade, the Laxmi Narayan Temple is truly one of the most picturesque sights you will come across during your Jaipur tour. As darkness falls, the temple seems to be bathed with a soft white glow that enchants the eyes of every onlooker.

Popularly known as the Birla Mandir, the Laxmi Narayan Temple is dedicated to Laxmi, the Goddess of wealth and Vishnu the Lord of preservation. You will always find many visitors and tourists thronging the Laxmi Narayan Temple. In fact, the temple is very crowded during festivals when people come from all over the state to offer their prayers to the Lord.

The Laxmi Narayan Temple is managed by the B M Birla Foundation that has constructed a similar temple in the capital of New Delhi. As you explore the wonderful Laxmi Narayan Temple, marvel in its architectural beauty and charm that is sure to captivate you. As the chanting of prayers and the tolling of the bells reach your ears, experience a spiritual high that would surely do wonders to your state of being. Don't forget to visit this spiritual attraction of Jaipur the next time you visit the "pink city". Rajasthan Wildlife Tour now offers you the excellent opportunity to visit this temple that would add up to a memorable experience.

How to reach: One can easily reach Birla Temple by taking local Buses, Rickshaws and Taxis from Jaipur city

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