Kushinagar Temple

Kushinagar is the last revered place for Buddhist pilgrims known for its cultural heritage all over the world where Buddha who is also known as Sakyamuni or Shakyamuni reached to his final destination to attain Mahaparinirvana meaning "great, complete Nirvana." Kushinagar is located 55 Kms away from Gorakhpur in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh bounded on the east by Bihar, district of Deoria on the southwest, district of Gorakhpur on the west and district of Maharajganj on the northwest. Buddha was at this place delivered his last major teaching with the title "thirty-seven wings of enlightenment" at the age of 81 and died after falling ill.

Kushinagar - the Final Place of Pilgrimage

After wandering to Lumbini, Bodhgaya, Sarnath, Rajgir, Shravasti, Sankashya and many other places during the course of his search for "Nirvana" (the final enlightenment), Gautam Buddha finally reached to Kushinagar where he attained the Mahaparinirvana. Here Buddha delivered his last teachings in 543 BC which are must to be read, "Now, O Brothers! I do remind you, all component things are subject to decay. Work for your salvation in the earnest." This place was also visited by the Emperor Ashoka the Great who added grandeur to this place and the Chinese travelers Fa Hien, Huen Tsang, and I-tsing. But after the decline the Buddhism, Kushinagar lost his importance which was regained its importance after the excavation made by Lord Alexander Cunningham of the main sites such as the Matha Kua and Ramabhar Stupa. However, there are number of national and international societies which are having their centres at Kushinagar like Chinese Temple has been reopened as an international meditation centre

Major Attractions of Kushinagar

The major tourist attractions of Kushinagar include the Mahaparinirvana Temple represents the "Dieing-Buddha" laying down on his right side with his face towards the west; Nirvana Chaitya (Main Stupa) which was excavated by Carlleyle in the year 1876; Ramabhar Stupa; Matha Kuar Shrine; Meditation Park; Wat Thai Temple; Japanese Stupa; Linh Son Chinese Temple, Korean Temple; Birla Hindu Buddha temple, Shiva temple, Ram Janaki Temple, Myan Mar (Burmese) Temple; Nirvana Temple; Japanese Temple; Kushinagar Museum; Japanese Garden; Buddha Vihar; International Buddha Trust etc. .

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