Ananthapura Lake Temple, Kasaragod

Ananthapura Lake Temple is one of the important places of worship on a remote rocky hill in a peaceful isolated region in Karasaragod district located at a distance of 18 Km from Kasargod town (towards north).

Ananthapura Lake Temple, KasargodAnanthapura Lake Temple is very old temple and it belongs to the 9th century. The temple is dedicated to Lord Ananthapadmanabha swamy (Lord Vishnu). The uniqueness is that, this is the only lake temple in Kerala. The temple affords a bird's eye view of the green landscape around. The sanctum sanctorum is surrounded by a rectangular lake measuring 302 feet square (about 2 acres).

Another main attraction of the temple is that the original idols in the Garbhagriha were not made of metal or stone, but of a unique mixture of more than 70 medicinal materials called 'Kadu-Sharkara-Yogam.' These idols were replaced by panchaloha metals in the year 1972, efforts are made now to replace the idols made with 'Kadu-Sharkara-Yogam.'

As per the legend, Ananthapura Lake Temple is the original seat of Ananthapadmanabha Swamy of Thiruvananthapuram. The presiding deity, Lord Ananthapadmanabha is seated on the serpent god Adisesha. Local belief is that the lord had settled down here originally.

The temple is open to all visitors irrespective of caste, creed, and color.

The Ananthapura Lake Temple is surrounded by a 'Chuttambalam' (an enclosed verandah running around the building), the walls are decorated by paintings and there is a cave within that opens out to a small tank where the water level remains stable regardless of climatic changes.

Divine Crocodile at the Temple

Ananthapura Lake Temple is guarded by a divine crocodile. The name of the crocodile is Babia. It is believed that Babia is the local guard and messenger of the temple. It is also believed that Babia, the crocodile is living in the pond for more than 60 years and lives in a nearby cave.

After the worship of Lord Ananthapadmanabha, the feed given by devotees is given to Babia at noon. The food is a kind of gruel made of rice and jaggery and is fed like an elephant by putting to its mouth. Babia eats only the food offered by the temple management.

This divine crocodile is vegetarian and does not harm anyone, not even the fish in the lake. There is a miracle in this temple. Only one crocodile lives in the lake at a time. When one crocodile dies, another one appears in the lake.

Distance from Ananthapura Lake Temple, Kasaragod                                                                            

Kasargod: 18 Km
Mangalore: 47 Km (Karnataka)
Kozhikode: 202 Km
Wayanad: 224 Km
Thrissur: 328 Km
Ernakulam: 392 Km
Kochi: 408 Km
Kumarakom: 453 Km
Alappuzha: 453 Km
Kottayam: 463 Km
Idukki: 469 Km
Kuttanad: 471 Km
Munnar: 476 Km
Kollam: 540 Km
Thiruvananthapuram: 602 Km
Kovalam: 610 Km

How to Reach                                                                                                                              

Taxi : Local taxis are also available at cheap rates varying from Cars,Jeeps,Tourist buses.

BUS : Kasargod is well connected to other towns of the state as well as India by Motorable roads. Private and KSRTC Buses are available, local bus service system is cheap serving passengers at Rs 6 per km.

Train : Kasargod Railway Station connects the city with other major cities of the state.

Air : Mangalore International Airport in Karnataka is the nearest airport, situated at a distance of 50 km from the Kasargod.

Others : Autorickshaw : This is cheap way of transportation facility between attractions and have the minimum fare of Rs 15 and Rs 5 addidtion to every kilometers.

Things to Carry

    Carry items such as camera, binoculars, sun glasses, medical kit, emergency lights. Carry your own food and plenty of water because restaurant is not available near sight.

Safety / Warning                                                                                                                                           

    Use bottled water, as tap water is not so safe even though it’s purified.
    While boating insist on being offered life jackets. Many boat operators ignore Government regulation of statutory issuance of life jackets while boating, which could prove risky, as most of the Kerala’s water bodies are deep.
    While in trains or buses, do not interact with lone strangers, or at least not more than normal, and it’s absolutely important not to eat or drink anything which they offer. However, interactions with families are considered to be safer.


    Police Control Room, Kasargod : 100/ 04994-222960.
    Kasargod Fire Station : 0497-2706900
    Arimala Hospital & Trauma Centre Kottachery, Kanhangad Kazaragod : 04994-2702260