Lingaraj Temple Orissa

Another masterpiece of Oriya architecture, Lingaraj Temple is one of the active temples of Orissa and lies in the heartland of Bhubaneswar city. Rising to a height of 180 feet amidst one hundred smaller structures, this massive structure is enclosed by a massive boundary wall measuring -520 feet length-wise and 465 feet breadth-wise. The temple built in an area of 10 miles is on the Pancharatha plan that has a natyamandap, a bhogamandap and three subsidiary shrines in front of the parsvadevta figures. It represents the quintessence of Oriya architecture with the original deula and jagamohana.

The Lingaraj temple is dedicated to Lord Tribhubaneswar and is believed to have been rebuilt in the 11th century A.D. over the remains of another structure belonging to 7th century. Being a large edifice its different elements are made so well proportioned that it only reveals the consummate skill of its master designer. The wall contains some finest carvings including cult deities, secular sculptures, animal motifs, nayika and mithuna figures, which only adds to the majesty of the edifice. The larger-than-life-size figures of Parsvadevatas on the side niches are a rare combination of finest carvings with consummate artistic skill and imposing sculptures of the parivara deities of Siva.