Girnar Temples Gujarat

The Girnar hills are located in the Junagadh District of Gujarat where the Girnar Jain temples are situated. The five peaks of the Girnar temples have approximately 866 Jain and Hindu temples constructed on them. It is estimated that from the trailhead of the step till the last temple which is on the highest peak there are roughly 8000 steps. The temples of both the Shwetambar and Digamber sects of the Jainism have their temples on these hills. The Girnar pilgrimage destination is a worship place for the Hindus, Muslims and the Jains.

The Girnar pilgrimage is respected and visited a lot since the 3rd century. The Mallinath temple and the Neminath temple are the two very important worship destinations for the Jains. Besides these there is also a temple of Goddess Ambe at the Girnar pilgrimage destination.

Neminath Temple: Lord Neminath is the 22nd tirthankar of the Jains. This temple was constructed from 1128 AD to 1159 AD. The temple has a courtyard which consists of around 72 rooms each having an image of Lord Neminath in it. Lord Neminath came to Girnar when he decided to give up everything and attain salvation. At Girnar he reached enlightenment, Moksha and Keval gyan. The idol of Lord Neminath is made of black granite and the eyes of the idol are jeweled. The other shrine, courtyards and corridors are in quadrangle shape. The ceilings have attractive carvings and beautiful sculptures of dancing Goddesses on them. The pillars of the temple and the shrine have magnificient carvings done on them.

Mallinath Temple: Vastupal and Tejapala brothers constructed the Mallinath temple in the year 1231 AD. The idol of Lord Mallinath which is situated here is in blue color. The specialty of this temple is the carvings on the interior as well as the exterior domes. On the left side of the Neminath temple is the temple of Lord Rishabhdeo established in the year 1442. This temple is golden in color and has the carvings of the 24 Jain tirthankars on it. Another temple which is a centre of attraction is the temple of Lord Parshwanath built in the 15th century. This temple is also called the Meravasi temple.

The other temples which can be visited are the modern temple of Panchbhai. The Parshwanath temple which was constructed in the year 1803 has marble image of the deity which is protected by the Cobra. Finally is the temple which was built in the 12th century by the Kumarpala of the Solanki dynasty.

The other nearby places which are interesting to visit are the Uparkot Fort, Sasan Gir Wild Life Sanctuary, Chorwad Beach, Ahmadpur Mandvi, Ashoka's rock Edicts, Damodar tank, Somnath temple, the Maqbara of the Nawabs and the Tulsi Shyam hot springs.