Engan Murugan Temple

Engam Murugan Temple is a temple dedicated to the Hindu god Muruga situated in the village of Engan in the Thiruvarur District of Tamil Nadu, India. It is a popular tourist destination. Engan is located 13 kilometres from Tiruvarur.


According to popular folklore, the sculptor who sculpted the idol of Murugan or Shanmughantheswara in this temple was the same person who carved the sculpture at Sikkal and Ettukudi. Upon sculpting the idol at Sikkal, the sculptor cut his right thumb so as to ensure that he would create anything anywhere which would surpass the beauty of the image at Sikkal. After sculpting the idol at Ethukudi, he, however, found the idol excelling the one at Sikkal in beauty and hence blinded himself as punishment. Hence while sculpting the idol of Murugan at Engan, the sculptor had to rely on the assistance of a woman as he was blind himself. By mistake, while sculpting, he cut a finger belonging to the woman and blood began to ooze [citation needed]. These droplets of blood fell on his eyes curing him of his blindness. Once the sculptor relaised that he could now see, he exclaimed in amazement "Engan! Engan!" meaning "My eyes" in the Tamil language