Birla Mandir Delhi

Commonly known as Lakshmi Narayan Temple is a famous Hindu temple, constructed in the year 1938 by Raja Baldev Das Birla and it was inaugurated by Mahatama Gandhi. Located in the heart of Delhi the shrine is dedicated to Godess Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu. People of all religion and faiths can worship in the temple but one can enter the temple only bare foot.
The temple incorporates numerous images and idols depicting several gods and goddess of Indian mythology.

Structure of the Temple
The constructed of the temple was completed in 6 years, from 1933 - 1939. The chief minaret of the temple erects up to the height of 165 feet while the adjuvant towers are 116 feet. The Geeta Bhavan the main hall is arrayed with exquisite artwork delineates arena from Indian mythology. The whole premises eminently the walls and the gallery are abundant of paintings done by skilled artisan and painters from Rajasthan. The artificial mountainous landscape depicting the scenery of mountains and fabulous waterfalls captivate the visitors.

The idols of the temple carved in white marble are brought from Jaipur, almost 101skilled craftsmen from Varanasi were engaged to carve the temples and the idols. The temple provisions have been contrived in Kota stone brought from Agra, Kota and Jaisalmer.

Other important shrines

Durga and Shiva are the other major deities in the Birla Mandir temple.
There is also a temple sacred to Buddha with the paintings illustrating his life.


Accommodation is available in the temple guesthouse for out of town travelers especially for international scholars pursuing knowledge in Sanskrit or in the Hindu religion.

Getting There

Being a metropolitan Delhi is easily accessible by means of Air, Rail and Road transport.
In side the city the temple can be approached by taking a Taxi, Auto-Rickshaw or buses run by Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC).