aami mandir chandigarh

This Temple has its details in Shiva Purana and Markandeya Purana accorrding to theses texts this is highest Shiva tandava dance stage in the world.Its history is like this Raja Daksha was king and was one of the son of Brahma. One of the daughter of Raja Daksha was Sati, who wished to marry . Daksha forbaded, she disobeyed him and did so anyway, finding in Shiva a doting and loving husband. Daksha disliked Shiva intensely, calling him a dirty, Bhoot, roaming ascetic and reviling the great yogi's cohort of goblins and ghouls.

Yagna Kund and Yagya of Raja Daksha

The temple has a vry big Yajna kund.,and its history is like follows.Raja Daksha distanced himself from his daughter, Sati, and his son-in-law, Shiva. This enmity culminated in a great sacrifice he had been hosting, one to which he invited all and sundry, family and allies, gods and rishis, courtiers and subjects. Consciously excluding Sati from the list, he also set up a statue of Shiva, which he defiled and mocked, at the entrance to his hall. Sati assuming that the daughter of the king was welcome no matter what, attended the festival. Sati Snubbed by her father. Indeed, even her father's refusal to invite Shiva, her husband and thus a traditionally honored member of any Hindu family, was to some extent borne. However, on seeing the shameless insult to her husband in his absence, and the repeated slights King Daksha and his courtiers railed at Shiva, she committed suicide in burning Yajna kunda for her beloved.That Yajna Kund is present in the compound of this Temple. Hearing the news, Shiva's attendants rushed inside the ceremony hall and started attacking all the guests present there, however, the demons invoked by Bhrigu defeated Shivas attendants and they retreated back to his abode. Upon hearing the news of his beloved wife's death, Shiva was furious that Daksha could so callously cause the harm of his (Daksha's) own daughter in so ignoble a manner. Shiva grabbed a lock of his matted hair and dashed it to the ground. From the two pieces rose the ferocious Virabhadra and the terrible Rudrakali, while Bhadrakali arose from the wrath of Devi herself. Upon Shiva's orders they stormed the ceremony and killed Daksha as well as many of the guests. Terrified and with remorse the others propitiated Lord Shiva and begged his mercy to restore Daksha's life and to allow the sacrifice to be completed. Shiva, the all-merciful One, restored Daksha's life, with the head of a goat. In his humility, and repentance for his graceless and sinful acts, Daksha became one of Shiva's most devoted, attendants.

Sati later incarnated as Parvati in her next life, and remarried Shiva, henceforth never to part with him again. It is for this reason that Shiva, while monogamous, has had two wives in reality, but the same soul in two incarnations.

Fort Temple

The temple is in the structure of a fort that is surrounded from all side and is exactly on the bank of Ganga River. The fort lies in the flooded district of Saran and it is very near the Ganges. Still, the flooded Ganges never touches the fort, and local pepole say that if the Ganges touches the Aami temple, its color will turn red and bloody in appearance.

Important Festivals


As the temple is devoted to Goddess Ambika,Navratri is selebrated and there is one small Village fair also organised by local pepole of Aami village


Shivratri is organised with quite excitement among the local pepole.as This was the place where the marriage ceremony of Shiv and Sati took place.


The festival is of high importance as after the marriage of Shiv and Sati this festival is organised.From one side the Bride side prepares and from one side Groom comes and according to that an fairy marriage ceremony os organised in a holly hinduic way.

Reaching There

By Air

nearest airport is Jayprakash Narayan Airport patna from there the distance of temple is around 30 km.

By Road

The Aami Village lie on the roadside of NH 19 That connects with all major cities of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar