Vinayak Temple near Udupi

Anegudde is a village in the Kundapura taluk of Udupi district, Karnataka state, India.
It is located on the NH 17 at a distance of 90 km from Mangalore,
9 km from Kundapur, and 30 km from Udupi.

The name Anegudde originates from Aane (elephant) and Gudde (hillock),
as it is the abode of the elephant-headed god, Sri Vinayaka.

The village is also known as 'Kumbashi'. The story behind goes like this…..
Long ago when this area was hit by drought, sage Agasthya came here to
perform yagna to please the rain god. During that time the demon Kumbhasura
tried to disrupt the yagna by troubling sages performing the yagna.
To rescue the sages Lord Ganesha blessed Bheema, the strongest among
the Padavas with a sword, using which Bheema killed the demon and
facilitated the completion of the yagna. Hence the name Kumbashi!

In side the main sanctum sanctorum we can see the majestic figure
of ‘Sri Siddhi Vinakaya’ in resplendent Silver Armor, in standing
posture. Of the four arms two are "varada hasta" indicating his
inclination to grant boons. Two hands point to his feet, as a
means to salvation.

Anegudde is one of the seven 'Mukti Sthalas' (Parashurama Kshetra)
in coastal Karnataka.

Photography is prohibited inside the temple