Shri Veerabhadra Temple, Godachi

District: Belgaum
Town: Godachi
Temple: Veerabhadra Temple

Godachi is a small village in the Ramdurg Taluq of Karnataka. This place is located in the Belgaum district and it has many beautiful temples including the Shri Veerabhadra temple. A famous fair is held here every year.

Godachi – Overview

veerabhadra-temple-godachiGodachi is a small village famous for the Godach Fair or Jatre held during the months of November-December every year. The Godachi Jatre is held in honor of Shri Veerabhadra, the prime deity in the main temple here – the Veerabhadra temple.

Veerabhadra was created by Lord Shiva to destroy Daksha’s Yagna. The Veerabhadra temple is a in a combined style of Chalukya and Vijayanagara Architecture. The doorway is built in the Chalukyan style, while the Garbhagraha or the sanctum reflects Vijayanagara Style of temple building.

How to Get to Godachi

Godachi is 12 km away from the Taluq headquarters Ramdurg. The nearest railway station to Ramdurg is the Badami railway station.

Godachi – Facts

Godachi Jatre or fair is held in November or December, during the month of Karthik in the Hindu calendar. Traditionally, temple festivals and fairs in India have not only been religious celebrations, they also served as social and commercial gatherings and Godachi Jatre is also one such occasion.

  • Merchants and artisans from nearby villages gather here to display and sell their wares
  • Religious items like vermilion, flowers, woodworks, stone carvings, handicrafts, clothes, agricultural produce, cattle – all are sold during temple fairs
  • The Veerabhadra temple and fair attract devotees from all over Karnataka and the neighboring Maharashtra state
  • Veerbhadra is believed to be another form of Lord Shiva and is also one Shiva’s attendants
  • Amavasya and Poornima days are of specific importance here, and more people visit the temple on those days