Madavoorpara Cave Temple

Popularly referred as God's Own Country, Kerala is a beautiful land dotted with numerous ancient rock-cut cave temples. Among these rock-cut cave temples Madavoorpara Cave Temple attracts a large number of devotees. It will take just few kms in the suburbs of Trivandrum from Sreekariyam to reach the Madavoorpara Cave Temple.

A scenic drive to the Madavoorpara Cave Temple in Kerala is worth taking on your tour to Kerala pilgrimage destinations with Kerala Travel Tourism. For an escape from the hustle bustle of regular grind to nature's lap travel to Madavoorpara Cave Temple in Kerala. From lush paddy fields to plantain groves, you will travel through the valley of tranquility and greenery to reach the sanctified pilgrim center.

The sanctum sanctorum resides a Sivalinga guarded by the two sculptures of guards on either side of the entryway. Idols of lord Ganesha and Murugan are also placed on two sides. The ornamental door at the entrance has been added recently. Devotees from far-flung areas visit this cave temple to offer prayers.

According to the myth, the Madavoorpara Cave Temple is believed to be constructed by a Buddhist monk. The antiquity of the temple lends a magnetic charm to the region. The temple is under the observance of the State Archeology Department.