Kukke Subrahmanya Temple , Mangalore, Karnataka

Kukke Subrahmanya Temple is about a 100 KM from Mangalore and can be easily reached by buses or taxis. The temple is situated in the heart of the village. Nature reveals herself in all her unhidden beauty in the rivers, forests and mountains which the temples is surrounded by.

Lord Subramanya (popularly known as Lord Muruga in Tamil Nadu and Lord Karttikeya in North India) is the deity worshiped in the form of a Cobra in the temple of Kukke Subramanya.

Kukke Subramanya Lord Subramanya is called Sarpa Dosha Nivaraka (remedier), widely worshipped as the serpent deity and as forgiver of all doshas connected with serpents normally called "Naga Dosha", "Sarpa Dosha" and "Kalasarpa Dosha".

The Kukke Subramanya Temple has a sanctuary which is located at the opposite side of the main entrance. There is a pillar in the Kukke Subramanya Temple. It is believed that this pillar was erected in order to save the people from the flame of the breath of the dangerous Basukinag who was residing inside. There is a dais in the sanctuary of Sri Subramanya which is the residence of the idols of Vasuki and Maha Shesha.

The Annual festival is celebrated here every year from 'Karthika Bahula Dwadashi' to Margashira Shudha Poornima'. But the devotees begin to throng here as early as 'Karthika Bahula Amavasya' and will continue to do so till 'Margashira Shudha Sapthami'. The Lakshadeepotsava is celebrated on the day of Karthika Bahula Amavasya and on the four succeeding days, the Chandramandalotsava, Ashwavahanotsava, Mayura Vahanotsava and Flower Chariot Utsava are conducted respectively. On Panchami (the fifth day) 'Panchami Rathotsava' is celebrated at night. On the Shashti day Sri Subrahmanya Swamy and Umamaheshwara come out at an auspicious hour in the morning to participate in the festival. Sri Subrahmanya Swamy mounts the 'Brahmaratha' and God Umamaheshwara the 'Panchami Ratha'. Then a very strange occurance takes place.

The Garuda Pakshi (kite)which never can be found in this place on the rest of the days of the year makes its appearance at the time of Ratharohana and again at the time of Avabrath Mahotsava the next day. This can never be explained unless we attribute to the holiness of this place. At the time of car festival the chariot is pulled by means of cane. The moment the car festival is over the devotees vie with one another to get hold of a piece of this cane because this is considered to be very effective cure even for the most virulent, positions like that of a snake-bite. Then the God alights from the chariot. The devotees perform various kinds of worships. Then the 'Mahapooja' and the 'Mahasantharpana' (feeding of Brahmins) take place.

The next day of Shashti also Sri Kumaraswamy comes out to take part in the festival. After the 'Okuli Pooja' (Sprinkling of Saffron water) God proceeds to 'Matsya Thirtha' where the 'Nauka Viharotsava' and the Avabritha takes place. After this festival the devotees and pilgrimage start returning and the density of the population lessons gradually. But the festivals continue till Poornami. On that day 'Maha Samprokshana' is conducted and with this the annual festivals come to a close.

Buses service to Kukke Subramanya Temple: Kukke subramanya can be reached by road from Mangalore and Bangalore. KSRTC is operating buses daily from these two places.

Details of Bangalore to Kukke Subramanya KSRTC Bus services, Timings: If you are planning to travel from Bangalore to Kukke Subramanya by bus, here are the details. The distance from Bangalore to Kukke Subramanya temple by bus is 266 km. There are buses at 08:15 and 09:15 (Ordinary) and 8:30, 9:30, 10:30 and 11:00 (Rajahamsa) from Kempegowda Bus Stand, Bangalore to Kukke Subramanya Temple. Bus fare from Bangalore to Kukke Subramanya are as follows: Ordinary Buses fare is Rs. 195 and Rajahamsa fare is Rs. 296 from Bangalore.

Enquries about K.S.R.T.C bus services can be made at Telephone Numbers 080-22870099 and 080-22873377 (Kempegowda Bus Stand, Magesic, Bangalore Enquiry), 0824-2212243 (Mangalore), 0821-2520853 (Mysore).

Private bus services also commute Bangalore to Kukke Subramanya. Private buses leaves Bangalore to Kukke Subramanya around 10:30 - 11:00 pm in the night.

Distance from Kasargod(Kerala) to Kukke Subrahmanya Temple is 83 km. The distance between Kukke Subramanya and Madikeri is 66 km and distance from Mangalore to Kukke Subrahmanya is 107 km. Distance from Kukke subrahmanya to Dharmasthala is 72 Km.

Distance between Subramanya Road to Kukke Subramanya temple is about 12 Kms. From there you will get busses and jeeps that take you to Kukke Subramanya Temple